International Fees 2024

Please note that all fees are quoted in Australian dollars and all information supplied is subject to annual review which may change. If tuition fees are increased you will be required to pay the new fees as they are introduced.

Application Fee
ALL applications for enrolments must be accompanied by a non-refundable $220 application fee.

Tuition Fees 2024

Per Semester Per YearCRICOS course code
Primary: Prep - Year 3 $11,980 $23,960082924K
Primary: Years 4 - 6 $12,150 $24,300082924K
High School: Years 7 - 10
High School: Years 11 - 12 $12,660 $25,320082926G

Tuition Fees Information

Consumable Fee

The consumable fee is included in the tuition fee above and covers all compulsory activities including ESL lessons, stationery, books, textbook hire, locker hire, student ID cards, technology levy (includes laptop or iPad for students in Years 5-12), subject excursions plus transportation for all subject excursions.

Payment of Fees

Fees can be paid using any of the following options:

  • Bank transfer from overseas - details will be supplied in letter of offer
  • Paying in person - payments can be made in person at the College鈥檚 administration office using credit card.
  • Paying by direct debit - this type of payment method can be used if residing in Australia.

Due Dates for Payment of Fees - 2023

Semester 1 fees are due by Friday 9 January 2023 and Semester 2 are due by 26 June 2023.

Withdrawal of Student From School

Prior to your child departing 电车视频鈥檚, please advise the International Department in writing at the start of the term before. If this notice is not given, it is College policy to charge the subsequent term鈥檚 fees. All amounts payable to the school must be paid in full on or before exit from school, unless prior arrangements are made.

Enrolment Conditions and Refund Policy

Please read through and understand the 电车视频鈥檚 enrolment conditions and Refund Policy included in the Written Agreement.

*The enrolment fee is non refundable except in the event of a visa refusal where refunds will be calculated in accordance with Item 6a of the refund policy.

Compulsory Non-Tuition Fees (where applicable)

Enrolment Fee - one off/per student $1000
All uniform items are available at the 电车视频鈥檚 Uniform Shop except for shoes. Purchases can be made with cash or credit card prior to enrolment. Prices include GST. Price quoted is for initial set up only. Prep - Year 6: $350 approximately
Years 7 - 9: $450 approximately
Years 10 - 12: $550 approximately
Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority Fees (QCAA)
All Year 11 & 12 Students
The QCAA fee applies to all international students in Years 11 and 12 who wish to gain entry to an Australian university after graduating. The fee is for the moderation and processing of student work, the calculation of results and the printing of certificates by QCAA. $828.00 per year
Homestay Fees
Year 7-12 Students (where applicable)
When the option for homestay is chosen, a student will live in a College organised homestay. The cost of homestay is $420 per week and while away from homestay the cost is $200 per week.$10,920 per semester
$21,840 per year
Medical Insurance (Medibank Private)
As required by Australian law, medical insurance must be purchased for a student on a student visa. This can be arranged for your child for the planned length of their enrolment at 电车视频鈥檚 and must be paid for in full with the first payment of school fees.

$700 approx. for 12 months

See for more details

Homestay Placement Fees
To find a suitable homestay, the College charges a placement fee.
Years 7-12 students (where applicable):

Optional Fees (where applicable)

Bus Fees
Bus fees are for transportation to and from school each day on a 电车视频鈥檚 Christian College bus. $800 per semester
$1,600 per year
Year 6 and Year 9 Camp:
Students participate in the annual trip to Cairns as a fun cultural tour together with teachers.  $1,200 approx per trip.
End of Year Celebration (Year 12 only).   $170 approx.
Request for Documentation Requiring School Stamp
Students who require signed and/or stamped report cards and other documentation. These are usually required for students applying for another school or university. $25 per set