Extra Curricular

Make the juggle of work and family life fun!

At 电车视频's, there are many activities available for students outside school hours. The vast majority take place on campus, immediately before or after school, giving working parents greater flexibility with the school run. Even our youngest 电车视频's Kids can get in on the action, with tennis, chess, cheer and dance lessons available to students in Pre Prep.

Some activities are free while others carry a small cost. Some are seasonal, while others are available all year round. Some are provided by 电车视频's staff and others by external suppliers.

Out-of-school hours and vacation care are also available to primary-aged and preschool children at all of our campuses.

Out-of-School Hours & Vacation Care

Extra-curricular activities available at 电车视频's* include:

AFL Lego
ArtLibrary - high school study & tutoring
Athletics & cross-country trainingMusic ensembles
Basketball Netball
Singing lessons
Cooking Soccer
Debating Swimming
Drama Tennis
Futsal Volleyball
Instrumental music

* Please note: Activity offerings vary from campus to campus

Parents may view timetables and book activities for their children via their  account.