Teaching & Learning

Our aim is to provide a balanced program that provides for the growth of the whole person - intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Our programs are designed to give our students the widest possible range of opportunities and experiences to achieve this goal.

All students are given the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents within the school environment and wider community. In the early years, considerable focus is placed on ensuring each student grasps the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy. If necessary, individual programs are created for students so that these basic building blocks of learning are well understood.

As students grow in confidence and progress through the school, they are increasingly challenged and extended. One of our aims is to deliver a relevant, challenging and rewarding curriculum that stirs the imagination and develops a life-long love of learning.

In High School, a wide range of subject choices gives students the opportunity to prepare for the myriad of possibilities available to them in their adult lives.